CCLA is the Asssociation’s primary sponsor.  They currently manage funds for over 70 NHS Charitable Trusts, so have a good understanding of our requirements through these direct relationships but also through broader interaction with the sector.

CCLA was originally established sixty years ago by a number of organisations, including the Charity Commission, concerned with a market failure for charitable organisations poorly served by the investment management industry.  Today such organisations remain CCLA’s sole focus of attention.  Their products and services are designed exclusively for not-for-profits and their staff are well-versed in all aspects (as well as the peculiarities and eccentricities!) of the sector.

CCLA is an ambitious commercial investment manager and their involvement in the charity sector is extensive. In terms of business development, they choose to spend their resources on activity that will help them to truly understand the sectors they serve, and the people involved. CCLA’s purpose is to assist their clients maximise their impact on society by harnessing the power of investment markets.

For further information please contact Jamie Charters on 0207 489 6147 or by email

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