One of the things that has struck me most over the last couple of weeks is how our members are so willing to work together, to offer support and put in the extra ‘bit’ so that something bigger than their own interest is achieved.

Here at the Association HQ, we have been out and about visiting members in the north, east and south (sorry west your turn next month). All our member visits have seen people bring themselves together to share and work in a joined up way to achieve bigger and better things for NHS Charities and in turn our nation’s health and well-being.

Having been on the receiving end of some very shoddy customer services from a ‘reputable’ car company recently, I can really appreciate the difference effective joined up working really can make. When we assume that someone else will or has done something then usually it ends up that nobody does anything. But when one person puts themselves forward and says ‘I will do that’ and communicates with others to work with them to do together, that’s when we start to achieve something.

As an Association we have worked together as a staff team, with Council and our wider membership to provide advice and guidance to 34 enquiries in the last month alone. These have included the on-going implementation and consequence of GDPR, property acquisition, advice on governance and trusteeships, job descriptions and insurance. Having opened booking for our September MIG event on Monday, we are already nearly full. This very clearly demonstrates the power, importance and value our members hold in coming together, learning and having a join up approach so that we can all continue to increase the potential income and impact NHS Charities have. Lets continue to work together to achieve even more.

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Ellie Orton

Chief Exec, Association of NHS Charities

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